secret */*/*/

secret */*/*/
I UK [ˈsiːkrət] / US [ˈsɪkrət] noun [countable]
Word forms "secret":
singular secret plural secrets
1) a piece of information that is known by only a small number of people, and is deliberately not told to other people

He was accused of selling business secrets to competitors.

I can't tell you what she said – it's a secret.

Your secret is safe with me (= I will not tell anyone).

The secret is out (= everyone knows about it).

It cannot remain a secret much longer.

keep a secret (= not tell anyone):

Can you promise to keep a secret?

keep something a secret (from someone):

Mandela kept his work a secret from the prison authorities.

let someone in on a secret (= tell someone a secret):

Listen, I'll let you in on a little secret.

Adjectives frequently used with secret
▪  big, closely-guarded, dark, guilty, innermost, well-kept Verbs frequently used with secret as the object ▪  betray, confide, disclose, divulge, reveal, share, tell
2) [usually plural] something that cannot be explained or that is difficult to understand

What secrets of the universe will the new telescope reveal?

3) a particular way of achieving something

She always looks so slim – I wish I knew her secret.

The secret is always to warm the pot before putting in the tea.

secret of:

The secret of our success is having highly skilled staff.

II UK [ˈsiːkrət] / US [ˈsɪkrət] adjective
To keep something secret is like covering it, or putting it in a container, so that other people cannot see it. She accused him of covering up the truth. They hid/concealed the truth as best they could. He tried to mask/disguise/camouflage his true feelings. She wanted to bury the memory of that day. The operation was cloaked/shrouded/veiled in secrecy. We will draw a veil over what happened next. You're just trying to paper over the problem. The project is still under wraps. They kept it dark that they were planning to leave next day. There has been a complete news blackout. This report is nothing but a whitewash: what really went on? To tell a secret is like removing a cover from something, or like opening a container and letting something get out. He uncovered/revealed/exposed a terrible secret. After a few minutes, she began to open up and talk about her family. You have always been very open about your feelings. Someone leaked the information to the press. The news had already got out. My father let the cat out of the bag and spoiled the surprise. Do you know who spilled the beans? He spilled his guts to the police.  discover, knowledge
deliberately not told to other people, or kept hidden from other people

The diary records her most secret thoughts and feelings.

Police discovered a secret bomb factory.

keep something secret:

The Minister denied that the report was being kept secret.

secret talks:

Secret talks were held in the hope of settling the dispute.

a secret location:

They are now at a secret location agreed with social services.

a) not known about by many people

We love coming here because it's like a secret garden.

b) used for describing someone who does something in secret

a secret lover

c) informal deliberately not telling people things

He can be the most secret man alive.

English dictionary. 2014.

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